Is This Bread-Pickle Sandwich ‘Nasty’ Or ‘Perfect’? Twitter Is Brawling

Restaurants and eateries frequently experiment with ingredients and products to set themselves apart from the crowd. From making insane creations and mixing up flavors to reinventing the wheel, it’s safe to say the Internet loves obsessing (or freaking out) over new innovations in food.

The latest food industry controversy to cause rioting on social media is an eatery that has begun making sandwiches—in between two pickles.

Located in Haddown Township near Philadelphia, Elsie’s went viral on social media after sharing photos of their invention, which replaced the bread on sandwiches with two huge pickles.

Our favorite type of handheld is a keto friendly lunch! Phone lines are open for pre orders – 856.858.7041Specials…

Posted by Elsie's on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The eatery markets the sandwiches by suggesting that not only are the pickles delicious and homemade—they are also Keto and diet-friendly for those looking to say goodbye to carbs.

Posted by Elsie's on Thursday, April 4, 2019

Customers get to build their own “dream sandwich” with any choice of cheese, meat, and sauces—smooshed right between the big pickles.

Posted by Elsie's on Saturday, March 30, 2019

While it seems like a pretty innovative idea—the internet is totally divided over whether or not this is delicious or completely and utterly disgusting.

Some people think it’s delicious and amazing.

But others think it’s what their nightmares are actually made of.

Honestly, I’m all for pickles—they’re a staple of my food group. But I’m not 100% sure my teeth can handle crunching into a pickle like this for the entire damn sandwich. But hey, that’s just me.

h/t BuzzFeed/Cosmo