21 Sinners Whose Crimes Against Food Are So Unholy, They Should Probably Be In Confession

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There are some things that should never ever be done with food and while we like to think most people respect this common etiquette, it’s quite the opposite. Just take it from each of these Redditors who are sharing the most heinous crimes they’ve ever witnessed against food. Sorry about your appetite.

1. This horrific concoction:

“When I visited my aunt’s family as a kid she served a ‘purple cow’ — milk mixed with grape juice — for breakfast. If you haven’t tasted that, take my word for it… It’s not a great concoction.”


2. These two things that should never mix:

“I used to be obsessed with A1 steak sauce. I would put it on EVERYTHING possible because I loved it so much. One day, I put it on jello. I no longer enjoy A1.”


3. This literal vomit:

“My mom puts peanut butter on cold pizza. It is the closest flavor to vomit that is not vomit.”


4. This regurgitated snack:

“My sister would make Ritz cracker ‘sandwiches,’ except the thing that went between the two Ritz cracker ‘buns’ was ANOTHER Ritz cracker…except she’d chewed it up and spit it out onto the other two. It was disgusting.”


5. This unholy dip:

“My wife dips her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into SpaghettiOs.”—Tinkliwinks

6. Whatever the hell this is:

“This kid I knew in school used to rip open his milk carton and dip his burrito into his chocolate milk. Sometimes he’d even go so far as to rip open the burrito itself and pour his milk onto the beef and eggs in order to (and I’m quoting him here) ‘creamify the meat.’ I don’t know, man, the word ‘creamify’ is just…ugh.”


7. This Cheez-It treat:

“My mom’s boyfriend. Crushed Cheez-It crackers. Into his coffee. Mom said I shouldn’t let it bother me. It bothers me.”


8. An alarming twist on the chef salad:

“I went to college with this one girl who would get a chef salad, slice up a banana, put it on said chef salad, then use ketchup as the dressing. I kid you not, this person ate that on a regular basis.”


9. This disgusting excuse for a sandwich:

“My wife likes to make crunchy peanut butter and bologna sandwiches (with cheese). Her mom also adds mayo. I just can’t bring myself to try it — literally start retching at the thought of the flavor.”


10. A crime that should be punishable by law:

“I watched a guy pour Sprite into a nice $50 bottle of wine because he didn’t like the flavor.”


11. This heinous mixture:

“A former friend of mine once poured a can of Coors Light into a bowl of Cheerios. He called it ‘Beerios.'”


12. A breakfast disaster:

“My baby sister used to eat pancakes with ranch dressing. My mom justaccepted it because she was SUCH a picky eater, and this was something she just thoroughly enjoyed. We’re pretty sure it’s because my mom craved both (though separately) when she was pregnant with her.”


13. These dipping bubbles:

“When I was a server, I had a customer dip her bread in a glass of Coke. She finished her whole bread basket and Coke and asked for another basket and another refill of Coke, and went to town again for round two. She didn’t give a crap how she looked and ate it like it was the best thing on earth.”


14. This appalling slurp:

“There was a dude in my dining hall that had a plate of sunny-side-up eggs. Scooped under an egg with his fork, brought it up to his mouth, and only touched his lips to the yolk. Proceeded to suck all the yolk, and then slurped the rest of the egg in. It was like a car crash; I couldn’t look away but I was horrified.”


15. This thing we can’t even talk about:

“A couple of years ago when my best friend and I were still in college, she stayed over at my place a few times. It was then that I learned that she liked dipping cheese into hot chocolate. Like, full on dunking it in, waiting for it to partially melt, swirling it around, and then eating it. I love her to bits, she’s like my sister…but I still haven’t entirely recovered.”


16. This assault on watermelon:

“A watermelon and ketchup sadwich. I call it a sadwich because it makes me sad.”


17. A fruity disaster:

“My sister used to put ketchup on strawberries.”


18. This questionable dip:

“The wife dips Oreos in water like a psychopath.”


19. The spiciest soup of all time:

“I work at a pub waiting tables. One day, this couple walked in who I’d never seen, but were apparently regulars. The bartender saw them, shot me a glance, and went to grab something from the kitchen. Before even taking their order, he’d filled the crushed red pepper shaker and told me to take it over to them. The woman ordered a small cup of french onion soup and proceeded to unscrew the cap of this shaker and dump THE ENTIRETY of it onto her soup. She was eating spicy red pepper like cereal and didn’t even ask for a drink refill.”


20. This milky pasta:

“Saw a dude eat spaghetti in milk one time. One very dark time.”—whiterabbittxz

21. And this catastrophe:

“I used to work as a bartender. One day, a middle-aged man walked in and ordered a beer with milk.”


h/t Reddit, BuzzFeed