If Celebrities Were Cats (GALLERY)

As cats slowly continue to take over the planet we thought it was time to take a look into the future at a half-cat/half-human species that will invevtiably exist in the next 5-10 years. Sure that may sound crazy but that's exactly what our waitress at Denny's told us last weekend and she seemed like a super credible crazy cat lady.

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What if the universe suddenly transformed most of our favorite celebrities into cats? We’re pretty paws-itive, this is what they’d look like. This gallery will give you a glimpse of the half-cat/half-human species that will inevitably take over this planet. Sure that statement may sound crazy, but a waitress at Denny’s told me about the impending cat apocalypse last weekend and she seemed super credible.

jennifer lawrence cat


Ron Swanson Cat

Nicky Minaj Cat

Kim Kanye Cat

Conan OBrien Cat

Celebrities As Cats

If Celebrities Were Cats

ellen degeneres cat

Steve Buscemi Cat

Tom Selleck Cat

Daniel Tosh Cat

The Rock Cat

Cat Key & Peele