Last Known Living Photos Of Famous Celebrities (GALLERY)

April is all about celebrating the after life so we decided it was time to take a look at the last known living photos of celebrities before they departed planet Earth.

 last photo of elvis
last photo of heath ledger
Heath Ledger
last photo of marilyn monroe
Marilyn Monroe
last known photo of kurt cobain
Kurt Cobain
last photo of john lennon
John Lennon
last photos of celebs
Bob Marley
last photo robin williams
Robin Williams
last photo of tupac
Tupac Shakur
last photo of albert einstien
Albert Einstein
last photo of lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
last photo of anne frank
Anne Frank
last photo steve irwin
Steve Irwin
last photo richard pryor
Richard Pryor
last photo of jimi hendrix
Jimi Hendrix
last photo of celebrities
Freddie Mercury
last photo steve jobs
Steve Jobs
last photo of hitler
Adolf Hitler