These 31 Knock-Off Halloween Costumes Are Making People Ugly-Cackle Until Their Stomachs Hurt

This legendary thread of hysterical knock-off Halloween Costumes Is Restoring Our Faith In Twitter

On Monday afternoon, Entertainment Weekly correspondent Dana Schwartz tweeted out her personal favorite knock-off costume (“Notionless,” in lieu of “Clueless”), and asked the Twitter community to do the same.

As always, Twitter was happy to oblige.

31. This “Cyber Man Or Padre” costume:

30. This “Out Of Space” costume:

29. And this “Galaxy Rebel” one:

28. This “80s Purple Musician” costume:

27. This “Hermany Grinder, Top Student At Chogborts” costume:

26. And this “Wizard Villain Boy” costume:

25. This “Brave Warrior America” costume:

24. This “Where’s The Stripey Dude?” costume:

23. This “Dark Northern King” costume wig:

22. This “Unusual Events” costume:

21. This “70s Preppie” costume: