35 Halloween Costumes You Should Never, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever Wear

21. Sexy Geishas:

Respect someone’s culture. You don’t think it’ll trigger someone but it will.

22. Rub Me Genie:

No one wants to rub you anywhere.

23. Fat Hulu Dancer:

Dissing a culture & people who are overweight? Please, you could find something else.

24. Sexy Ebola Costume:

Did you know people have died from it? Yeah, it’s like wearing an HIV costume – not funny.

25. Blow Up Doll costume:

This is disgusting on so many levels.

26.Wet T-Shirt Costume

I like how the costume has huge boobs (sarcasm) … NO.

27. Down For The Count costume:

Again, you’re an ASSHOLE.

28. A Bloody Tampon:

This is bloody ridiculous.

29. Adult Rasta Banana costume:


30. Everything Is Bigger In Texas:

I will personally rip the costume off myself.