35 Halloween Costumes You Should Never, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever Wear

11. Sexy Shooter Happy Hour:

Um, it’s just sexist and racist all in one.

12. The Williams Sisters (In Blackface):

It’s totally fine to dress up as the Williams sisters, BUT do not do blackface because you will piss off a lot of women of color. DON’T BE THAT ASSHOLE. Never change your race for a costume.

13.Fat Stripper Costume

You & I both know what the f*ck is wrong with this costume.

14. “Call Me Caitlyn” costume:

Making fun of the transgender community is never okay, especially mocking a person who had a hard time coming out.

15. Hitler & Anne Frank:

Yes, you and your BFF should do a cool couple costume, BUT just not this one.

16. …Even worse.. ‘Baby Hitler’

Yeah. Don’t be that mother.

17. A Muslim Terrorist:

Stereotyping will get you punched in the face.

18. Post Pregnant Teenager:

This is only disturbing.

19. Trouser Snake Charmer:

NO. NO. It’s like the genie costume – you’re insulting an entire community of people.

20. Missing Child Milk Carton:

This is literally a smack to the face to any distressed parent living in this nightmare every day.