Guy’s Reaction To His Female Friend Falling Asleep On His Bed Has Divided The Internet

No good deed goes unpunished, even if it’s as simple as not sexually assaulting someone.

This story starts out familiar enough, after a long night of drinking, Michelle Gallahan and her friend Kevin went back to his place to sober up. After a few hours of talking (roughly around 5am), she dozed off. Since he neither wanted to wake or force her to go home, Kevin took the opportunity to get his taxes done in his living room.

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“If I was in that situation I wouldn’t want to be asked to leave at 3 am to walk a mile home,” Kevin told BuzzFeed News. “If something happened I would have felt really bad, and it seemed like an opportunity to do something nice.”

Simply enough, Kevin left her sleeping alone because he didn’t want her to feel alarmed or concerned he took advantage of her. Seems logical and thoughtful, right?! Well, not according to large swaths of the internet.

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When Gallahan’s roommate Jessica Lipsey shared the anecdote in a tweet, the internet immediately divided.

Understandably, neither Jessica, Kevin, or Michelle expected so much negative feedback to the story.

The internet fell into a few main camps. There were men who claimed Jessica’s assertion that “all guys aren’t trash” was rooted in reverse sexism (I am currently smashing my head into the wall).

There were more angry men who claimed the story was “made up” and there was no way Kevin wouldn’t assault Michelle in her sleep. Yikes. The amount of men who showed themselves to be opportunists for rape are both alarming and unsurprising.

But wait, there’s more hell. There were also men who were angry at Michelle for falling asleep in the first place, because how could she? Even though Kevin was unbothered, they seemed greatly disturbed by the idea of a woman falling asleep and NOT getting raped.

Then, there were, some women (and some men I guess) who appreciated the anecdote.

Jessica had to write some follow-up tweets to address all the backlash and infighting.

The internet is truly a cesspool from hell.

Hopefully, trolls aside, some dudes take notes on how to smoothly handle a very simple situation.

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