Guy Pretends To Get ‘Stood Up’ On Valentine’s Day For A Free Meal And People Are Livid

Valentine’s Day is a busy, lucrative day for the restaurant industry. Many couples decide to go out and celebrate their love with a nice, fancy meal. But, not everyone is so lucky to spend time with the person they’re into. As it goes, sometimes people get stood up on dates—even on Valentine’s Day. It’s sad, painful, and embarrassing—especially when you’re out in public. One guy on Twitter decided to use this emotional trauma to play people in a restaurant.

Twitter user Phteven decided to pretend he got stood up at an Outback Steakhouse to see if he would get a free steak out of the waiter’s guilt and sorrow for him. Honestly, it’s fucked up.

He decided to actually try it out.

He even got dressed up to make it seem legit.

And, he ordered fake drinks for his fake date.

He also brought a “fake gift.

He ended up staying there literally all night until the kitchen was closing.

Then, he decided to order his steak (with only 15 minutes until the kitchen closes, rude).

He left another fake voicemail for his “fake date.”

And, he turned on the drama for everyone to see—not to mention, he stayed way passed closing at the restaurant, keeping everyone on staff stuck there.

As it turns out, one couple who sat at the bar felt so bad for him, they paid for his dinner.

Trying to be a “nice guy,” he said he donated the $50 he would have spent on dinner to the American Civil Liberties Union.

While some thought the plan was funny, others online thought it was rude, f*cked up, and annoying for someone to pretend to be stood up just to get money and a free meal—especially because you’re playing with people’s emotions.