21 + Valentine’s Day Tweets You’ll Fall in Love With

A wise man once said, “what is love?” A wise woman once said, “what’s love got to do with it? What do they both have in common? Well, neither of them grew up in the age of Twitter or had access to Valentine’s Day tweets that could answer the most important questions about that crazy little thing called love.

Valentine’s Day is one of the most Tweetable holidays of the year because it allows Tweeters all over the world to either profess their true love for that special someone or vent about the horrors of being single. Single people try and make the best of a day that tries to make them feel even lonelier while people in relationships rant about the pressures of being a good Valentine. It’s a vicious tweet cycle, but it’s also incredibly entertaining.

Today, the Twittersphere will pay tribute to St. Valentine once again with yet another slew of funny Valentine’s Day Tweets about love, loneliness, and how much Valentine’s Day sucks. What’s love got to do with it? In reality, nothing… nothingat all.

1. Itching For Romance

Valentine's Day Tweets

2. Love Potion No. 9

3. Conan Crushing It

4. When You’re Absolutely Sick Of Love

5. Spend Money, Less Problems

6. Typical Mary Sue

7. Give Pizza Chance

8. Love Actually

9. With Or Without You

10. Choose Wisely

11. It Takes Two

12. White Boy’s Burden

13. Valentine’s Day Massacre

14. Financial Showers Bring February Flowers

15. Sorry About Your Flowers, Bro

16. Forever Not Alone

17. Single Valentine’s Day Tweets Done Right

18. Anna Kendrick For President

19. Different Day, Same Story

20. Go Directly To Jail










21. You Have The Right To Remain Single

Valentine's Day Tweets










22. Valentine’s Day Under Armour














23. It’s Complicated







24. Tricky Ricky Strikes Again



25. This Girl Is Going Places

Valentine's Day Tweets