Name An Actual Snake After Your Ex This Valentine’s Day

Is your ex a snake? How about an ex-friend?

Why not commemorate them by naming a literal reptile after them?

An Australian zoo launched a competition to give the unlucky in love something to celebrate too this Valentine’s Day—a brown snake (one of the world’s most venomous snakes!) named after your scheming former lover as the top prize.

Run by Wild Life Sydney, the competition requires entrants to explain why their ex deserves it, along with a $1 donation to help fund research and educational programs at the Wildlife Conservation Fund.

Whoever wins not only gets to name a snake after their ex, but they are also awarded a free annual zoo pass to visit said snake whenever they please.

Many commenters wrote in to say that no snake deserves to share the same name with their ex.

The competition closes on February 13, and the winner is set to be announced on Valentine’s Day.