Flat-Earther Asks How To Make His Son Dumber And Gets Wrecked In The Comments

How is it that some people still believe, in the year 2019, that the Earth is flat? How? And how are these people also somehow functional enough to get onto the internet, because honestly, thinking that Earth is anything other than the orb it is is just plain stupid.

But while it’s actually terrifying that people believe something as far-fetched as Earth being flat (and vaccines being dangerous), it’s still pretty funny to see a flat-earther get roasted online.

Which brings us to this question that was asked on Quora, presumably by a real person (presumably because this question is SO DUMB you have to wonder if we’re being trolled).

The query reads, “I taught my son that the world is flat and now school is telling him that it is round and he is questioning which is real now. How should I encourage him to not believe everything he hears?”

Ummmm…why is this person even bothering to send the kid to school if they doesn’t want him to learn anything?

The question got answered, it just wasn’t the answer the OP had been looking for.

Someone named Chris Callicoat wrote,

The problem is your son faces the issue of realizing that at least one of his parents is a moron. He has to realize that, though he loves you, he can’t trust you to be correct about any questions he asks. That’s hard for him. The more you push your idiocy on him the angrier and more frustrated he will get.

This is very true. Learning that you can’t trust your parents must be seriously odd, and not at all good.

A screengrab of the exchange between the OP and Callicoat was posted on Reddit, where the flat-earther parent continued to be destroyed in the comments.

Mission accomplished.


How should I encourage him not to believe everything he hears”hmmmmmmm


Teaching flat earth? My Lord, it that legal?


Translation: “how should I encourage him to blindly believe everything he hears, as long as it comes from the right person?”


It’s hard to tell if someone is actually stupid or just pretending to be stupid these days.
For instance, the US elected Donald Trump as their president. This itself is strange, but the man himself has done things that exceeds satire.


I dont think its a troll. That one flat earth documentary on Netflix has a scene where some 12 year old kid was asking questions at some big flat earth convention. There are parents teaching their kids all about the crazy conspiracy theories. To the point that i worry for their futures. Imagine growing up being taught that everyone is conspiring against you.


Let’s all send our thoughts and prayers to the son of whoever this person is because that boy is going to need all the help he can get.

h/t: r/MurderedByWords