Chrissy Teigen Has Some Feelings About The Viral Trend Of Throwing Cheese At Babies

The viral throw-cheese-at-your-baby’s head trend is really scraping the bottom of the prank barrel. It involves just what it sounds like: you take a slice of American cheese and toss it at your baby’s face, all while recording the baby’s reaction. On the one hand, no one is arguing that cheese isn’t great, but on the other, seems a little bit like lowkey child abuse, right? Like, why would you want to throw anything at your baby? Are people this bored with life?

Anyway, here are some examples of babies being “cheesed.” Well, at least no one’s making them drink Smirnoff Ice like that “getting Iced” viral prank from years ago.

As you can imagine, not everyone is a fan of the prank. People have tweeted that it’s kind of “bullying” behavior.

So, since the prank has been going viral, and since Twitter queen Chrissy Teigen is very much online and very much in possession of a baby (her son, Miles, with husband John Legend), she felt it was time for her to contribute her thoughts to the national “cheesing” conversation.

Her take? She’s not going to be tossing cheese at her baby anytime soon.

She wrote, “I love a prank as much as anybody but I cannot get myself to throw cheese at my adorable, unsuspecting baby who has all the hope and trust in the world in me.”

Teigen’s mentions were soon full of people joking about how a baby’s trauma from getting “cheesed” might present itself later in life.

Someone else said that they hated “when parents trick their kids for a laugh” and you know what? I’m with her.

Actor and author Mara Wilson pointed out that babies should be throwing stuff at us.

It does certainly seem like maybe the viral trend thing could step up its game a bit.

However, one should never discount the comedy potential in throwing cheese at one’s partner or spouse.

Which would literally be “Legend-Dairy” in the case of Teigen. Ugh, but thank you, but ugh.

One person included a video of a baby getting cheesed and caring not a whit.

In fact, the baby was just like, “hey, more cheese for me.”

And this baby freakin’ loved it.

But not everyone is a fan of babies anyway.

A lot of people pointed out that throwing cheese at your dog is 100 percent fine and almost definitely appreciated.

In fact, so many people mentioned giving cheese to dogs that at least one person wondered if the accounts belonged to dogs.

Another mom of a cute baby couldn’t make herself do it, either.

So we’ve got takes from moms and dads all over, and from dogs, and from Chrissy Teigen. What’s yours? Cute prank or just mean?

h/t: Someecards