Chrissy Teigen Got Into A Fight With John Legend Over Pizza Rolls And It Was Glorious

Couples fight about all kinds of things, but some couples are honestly just funnier than others, and so are their fights. Twitter Queen Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend are that kind of couple. They share so much of their life together online and just about everything they do is funny, so it makes sense that their arguments (well, some of them, at least) are light-hearted, too.

Teigen, who is not only hilarious on Twitter but who you also know from her cookbooks and her modeling and her gig on Lip Sync Battle) said she wasn’t going to tweet the story of the fight, but she did anyway, luckily for us, because it’s hilarious.

It seems that Teigen was having cravings for a childhood favorite: Totino’s. But there ended up being some confusion over whether she meant the pizza rolls for which they are totally famous, or just regular Totino’s pizza, which apparently exists, but I had no idea. And neither did John Legend, who accidentally ordered Tostino’s pizza rolls instead of pizza from Postmates. And he didn’t figure out the error, even while they were discussing the preparation of the food, which they were doing in advance, because Teigen was so excited about the pizza.

This is the part where the confusion starts to become evident.

At one point Teigen seems to wonder if maybe the story wasn’t as funny as she thought, but it just made it funnier.

She explains that they are fully in a fight now.

In a hilarious and utterly stupid video, Teigen pretends she thought they should make pizza rolls directly on the rack, as if she wouldn’t be aware that they’d just fall through.


People on Twitter said Tostino’s should turn the story into an ad, but Teigen countered by pointing out that they probably don’t want that kind of endorsement.

In a final update, Teigen posted a picture of herself eating the Tostino’s pizza, with fresh tomato on top, just like she wanted. Craving met. Fight over? No idea.

Legend won’t ever make that mistake again, that’s for sure.

h/t: HuffPost