Chris Evans’ Reaction To This Photo Of Himself With A Mustache Deserves An Oscar

Chris Evans—AKA Captain America, AKA the best Chris (don’t @ me)—is known for being funny, and silly, and outspoken on social media.

His Twitter feed is full of adorable dog pics…

And Cardi B endorsements…

And some fairly savage Trump (Jr. & Sr.) clap backs:

So his recent response to a story ET Canada tweeted of him—complete with an arguably rough photograph as the thumbnail—is honestly fully on brand.

“This is clearly an act of aggression,” wrote Evans. “There are literally hundreds of photos to choose from. What did I ever do to you, Canada?”

Evans confessed to Seth Meyers on Late Night that his mustache—which he grew out for a Broadway role in 2018—isn’t even a look he likes.


Fans on Twitter died at Evans’ reaction.


The attention the tweet received prompted ET Canada to request a selfie from Evans so that they could swap the thumb out:

And then Netflix Canada jumped in to apologize “on behalf of all Canadians,” then jumpstarted a thread of hot Chris Evans pics:

We must protect this national treasure at all costs.


h/t BuzzFeed