24 Things That Are Waaaaaay Bigger Than You Thought They Were

12. The number of Earths that could fit in the sun:

Photo Credit: Business Insider

11. This truck:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/kokywiter

10. The Great Pyramid of Giza:

9. A billion:

Photo Credit: Twitter, @Paul_Franz

8. A highway sign:

7. Curiosity, the Mars rover:

6. A comet, compared to Los Angeles

5. A wolf, compared to coyotes:

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4. A traffic light:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/sverdrupian

3. $10,000 in ones vs $10,000 in hundreds:

2. A giant spider crab:

Photo Credit: Youtube

1. Yao Ming – the guy next to him is 7 feet tall: