24 Things That Are Waaaaaay Bigger Than You Thought They Were

Perspective is a tricky thing – sometimes you just don’t have it because, well, why would you? I mean, I don’t know how big a camel is off the top of my head. But then again, I don’t ride that many camels. If I was a prolific camel-rider, I’m sure I’d have a better sense the general size of them.

On the other hand, I see a lot of traffic lights, and it turns out that they are WAY bigger than I thought. So I may be a less talented judge than I thought.

It’s good to sometimes get that little helping nudge, something to push us to reevaluate what we think is true. Cause I feel reasonably big, all in all, but I don’t have a single goddam thing on a silverback gorilla…

24. A silverback gorilla’s hands:

Photo Credit: Quora

23. Michaelangelo’s David:

Photo Credit: Friends of Florence

22. A blue whale’s heart (this is a life size model):

Photo Credit: Reddit

21. A eagle’s talons:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/BiAndHappy

20. A Giant African Land Snail:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/sverdrupian

19. A saltwater crocodile:

18. A moose (who knew??):

Photo Credit: Tigerdroppings

17. A horse’s inflated lungs:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/GallowBoob

16. A modern cruise ship:

Photo Credit: maritimecyprus.com

15. The moon:

14. General Sherman, the world’s largest tree:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/SilverTPGG

13. Patrick the wombat: