11 Futuristic Baby Products That Will Make Every New Parent Sigh With Relief

Having a baby is hard work—or so I can safely assume from what all of the moms in my life have told me. But imagine having a kid before all of today’s smart technology. Think of how much more work it must have been for our parents than it will be (or already is) for us. It’s fair to say our generation is pretty fortunate in all of the latest gadgets it has to offer for new parents. These are just a few of the life-saving techie products moms and dads are lucky to have available today.

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11. A gentle rocking seat that can be controlled with your smartphone.

Encouraging Review: “This thing is expensive but it’s giving me about 3 hrs a day right now with my hands-free so I can get a couple of things done without a baby freaking out in the background. Hard to put a price on that.” – Ba

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10. This wireless smart changing pad that tracks your baby’s growth.

Encouraging Review: This product is amazing!! My baby had lost 7% of her birth weight by the time we left the hospital so it was so reassuring to be able to track her weight at home. I love being able to see how much she eats, too, since I am breastfeeding and wouldn’t be able to tell otherwise. She has peed on the scale multiple times when we take off her diaper and it is SO nice to just wipe it off instead of having to change a whole cover and everything. (I use a Norwex microfiber cloth to wipe it off so it sterilizes it every time too, but wipes have worked well in a pinch too.) I also love the app for tracking diapers and feeding. I love that it’s all there in one place. This is definitely one of the top gifts we received for baby and probably the most used, too!” – Allison

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9. This futuristic device that logs how many words you say to your little one each day.

Encouraging Review: “This product Is awesome and vital to child development. Sometimes we need our awareness as parents or caregivers to help us be the best we can be for our LOs. Great interface- clear and to the point- The support I received was quick and super easy- Great product I would definitely recommend this product.” – Amber Rodeen

Get it on Amazon for $199.95

8. A 2-in-1 iPotty chair with a pocket for your iPad to make potty training more entertaining.

Encouraging Review: “We are still waiting for 2 year old to take to doing his business in it. Nice comfortable seat and interest-getting potty since toddlers don’t read newspapers like dad they will at least spend time contemplating on iPad games. :-)” – 21114Mo

Get it on Amazon for $39.99

7. This smart sensor that helps monitor your baby’s sleeping patterns.

Encouraging Review: “We love our Mimo. It makes it so easy to track how much the baby slept overnight (hence how much to press the daytime naps), and also easy to see when it’s “safe” to go into the bedroom because the baby is deeply asleep.” – Amazon Customer 

Get it on Amazon for $144.41 

6. A video baby monitor with LCD screen display and infant night vision.

Encouraging Review: “So far so good. Picture is pretty clear, even in the dark and the audio is perfect. I absolutely love this camera. Now I feel comfortable letting my baby sleep in another room.” – LeiAnn

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5. This teeny little smart sock that tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.

Encouraging Review: “I absolutely LOVE this product! It has given me such a peace of mind. My daughter has not gone a single night without it. This product is a MUST HAVE for the worrying mother. It has been a staple for me, and I am gifting this to anyone I love who is having a baby. It is pricey, but if you commit to using it you will get your money’s worth. I would have paid twice as much for it. Using it is the only way I can sleep, and I tell anyone who will listen to me about it. You would think I worked for them! But yes, I swear by the Owlet!” – Krystin

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4. A digital infrared baby thermometer that connects to an app on your smartphone so you can get ahead of fevers and cold symptoms.

Encouraging Review: “Work as advertised. Pretty fast and pain free for baby. I use it for adults as well when we don’t want to bother with long time waiting. Five stars.” –Sierra Runner

Get it on Amazon for $34.99

3. This nifty shushing machine that will soothe your baby right back to sleep.

Encouraging Review: “Can’t recommend this product enough. It has saved us in so many situations and we don’t know what we would do without it.” – Samantha Dees

Get it on Amazon for $34.99

2. A bottle warmer that heats evenly without hotspots.

Encouraging Review: “The fastest, best bottle warmer I HAVE EVER HAD! Frozen bags of milk? Yep you can thaw them in about 10 minutes on highest setting OR WARM A BOTTLE IN 2.5 MINUTED FLAT. This is amazing!” – Camden

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1. This hands-free pumping bra that’ll make it easier for mom to multi-task.

Encouraging Review: “Great bra for pumping! I ordered a large plus and was happy to find it worked for me. I typical wear a 44 DDD from lane Bryant. It’s helped to make pumping better.” – Meredith

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