17 Of The Most Splurge-Worthy Finds From Uncommon Goods

7. This avocado tree starter kit so you can grow your very own.


Encouraging Review: “So, I thought the product was gimmicky was I first received it…but I remained hopeful. I’ve always wanted to grow my own avocado tree, but I’ve never had luck on my own getting the pit to sprout. With this product, I have 2 that have sprouted and a third one getting close. I’m so excited!!” – jenson37

Get it for $20.00

6. An Aquapaw dog bathing glove that will make bath time less stressful for you and your pup.

Aquapaw Dog Bathing Glove

Encouraging Review: “This works great for cleaning our pup after he enjoys running around in the mud. We attached it easily to the shower head with the attachment it comes with and can spray him off in the tub. We live in an apartment so it’s very helpful. However, we have also used it to fashion a dual shower head in our shower! It’s great! Now no one is left standing the cold! Brilliant! Must buy!” – Taryn The Crafter 

Get it for $25.00

5. This kit that lets you make your own nail polish.


Encouraging Review: “I received this gift so that I could make my own colors that reminded me of each of my grand-girls. It is fun to play around with but I did make a very big mess doing so.” – francescaj412

Get it for $35.00

4. This one-pull wine bottle opener that will change your life forever.

Jeremiah and Kassy Reynolds

Encouraging Review: “We love this, the only issue that is the size is pretty large. It is sturdily mounted, and you can’t miss it in the dining room.” – NewEnglandGal

Get it for $125.00

3. A complete hot sauce making set for the adventurous eater.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Encouraging Review: “Winner winner chicken dinner, with a lot of hot sauce to add flavor. Get this if you know someone who puts hot sauce on anything, especially saltines.” – DC

Get it for $34.95

2. This musical sleep mask that blocks out light and plays your favorite slumberland soundtrack to help you knock out.

Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask

Encouraging Review: “This sleep mask was made for me! Now I can put in my ear plugs, put the mask on and listen to the meditations as I fall asleep. I don’t have to bother to take off the mask or switch out any earplugs because it is all in one!” – A poor sleeper

Get it for $34.95

1. A ticket stub diary for storing all of your favorite memories.

Ticket Stub Diary

Encouraging Review: “It’s great to keep all the paper stubs in a neat place where they won’t get destroyed or look like trash laying around.” – Ariel

Get it for $14.00