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    If you’ve ever been around a sleep talker, you know how ridiculous and nonsensical their midnight chatter can be. My younger brother used to raise his hand and ask for more ketchup while he was dead asleep, so weird. Maybe you’re a sleep talker yourself and have been told that you say some pretty odd […] More

  • 20 Women Confess Why They Lied About Being On Birth Control

    There are many reasons why a woman might decide not to take birth control. Maybe she’s tired of the everyday pill or monthly shot in the arm, maybe she has a bad reaction everytime she tries to go on it, or maybe she’s ready to start a family. Whatever the reason, it isn’t always an […] More

  • 20 People Share The Most Insane Things They Caught Their Roommates Doing

    Living with a roommate never fails to be an eye-opening experience. Particularly when your roommate starts exhibiting some rather odd behaviors like, say, sniffing your dirty clothes or watching you shower. People are sharing the most insane things they’ve ever caught their roommates doing and it’ll make you seriously consider living alone. 1. They told […] More

  • Husbands Confess The Craziest Secrets They Keep From Their Wives

    There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage. Even the healthiest relationships have their secrets, but some secrets are far worse than others. Take these husbands, for example, who are confessing the craziest things they’ve kept from their wives and oh, boy. 1. Some have different tastes. 2. Some aren’t as happy as they seem. […] More

  • 21 People Who Regret Waiting Until Marriage

    Though it seems increasingly rare these days, there are still quite a few people out there who choose to save themselves for marriage. Whether it’s for religious reasons or just personal preference, there’s an obvious amount of sacrifice that comes with holding on to your v-card until the wedding night. To each their own. We’re […] More

  • 19 Hilarious Times When Parents Walked In While Their Kid Was Getting Laid

    If you’ve ever been walked in on during intimate time with your partner, you know how truly mortifying it can be. One minute you’re in the heat of the moment and nothing else exists, then the next you’re completely and utterly exposed to whoever happened to interrupt. This situation is made exponentially more uncomfortable when […] More