12 People Share The Insanely Awkward Crushes People Have Had On Them

We all want to be loved, right? It’s such a great feeling. But when somebody we don’t like that much REALLY wants to love on us, well, things get awkward fast.

And creepy.

And mildly dangerous.

And let’s get to it…

12. Kissing cousins, is it?

My cousin once had a crush on me.. She was 2 years younger and when I was 20, she saw something on a movie where the girl waits on a bed naked and waits for the guy to come in.. So when I was coming home (I live with my grandmother) she came to my grandma and she waited on the bed in only underwear, nothing on the top..

However, my grandmother failed to mention that I was bringing my college girlfriend for the weekend.. As I was unloading my grandmother offered to show the room that my girlfriend was going to sleep in. However, they opened the door to my cousin who screamed profusely.. Awkward..

TL;DR My cousin laid on the bed naked when I came home only to be walked in on by my college girlfriend and my grandmother

11. Hair raising…

Not me, but a friend – in high school, there was a kid who sat behind her in math class. He would play with her hair, and whenever a hair would fall out, he’d keep it and stow it away in the battery compartment of his calculator until he had a little ball of girl hair.

Then the year after, he got a pretty drastic haircut, saved all the hair in a bag, and presented it to her for Christmas.

Good times.

10. Dude, slow down!

During my time in a uni share house, I lived with a 19 year old guy while I was 29.

After knowing me for a mere five days, he asked if he could paint me naked and even though I said no, he proceeded to tell me he was in love with me.

I immediately went to get moved to new accommodation, because things got creepy fast. While I was gone he left a suicide note on my door.

He disappeared for 24 hours.

I was interviewed by the police.

9. It’s a numbers game.

I was in high school, sitting in art class when this guy walks over. I didn’t particularly like him or not like him. I didn’t know him that well.

He stops at my table and casually asks for my phone number. I say “Sure!” and he pulls out a piece of notebook paper filled with phone numbers…all suspiciously the numbers of nearly every girl in our grade.

It was too late to say no and I got a phone call from him at least a dozen times a week for a month.

The fact that no one ever picked up (save for the first time….boy was that an awkward phone conversation) never stopped him. I just pictured him calling down that list every day.

8. What do you mean “still?!”

My best friend came out as gay and then proceeded to tell me how much he liked me.

He knew I was straight, but decided it would be appropriate to straddle me whenever I sat down around him.

Still waiting for it to stop.

7. Sometimes, things work out

I had a stalker. Not even kidding, or well… as much as you can call someone a stalker in High School.

I always treated my “stalker” with respect (Even though it was weird), she would follow me around school, give me these love letters, draw pictures of us together, make me these home made bracelets and necklaces, call me up at the most random times she even had my private email address. I tried to let her down easily multiple times but she didn’t give up.

One time she appeared at my house crying, I had to take her in and stop her from crying. She would occasionally call up crying and I’d have to talk for hours on end to try and calm her down. One day I just had enough, so I told her as directly as possible (while still trying to be nice), “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested okay…?”

She disappeared about a month later, moved country, school etc.

Two years later she came back, I added her on Facebook and she told me she was sorry, talked to her a while and she seemed to have lost her craziness, she now has a boyfriend.