34 Photos For Anyone Who’s Having A Crappy Week And Wants To Finish It Right

21. “A guy crawled into a dirty ditch to rescue puppies.”

22. “Today I helped this lady with her luggage up the subway stairs and was rewarded with 2 bananas.”

23. “This girl is carrying a goat on her back that just gave birth. Her dog is carrying the goat’s baby.”

24. “My roommate FaceTimes his little sister every week to help her with Algebra.”

25. “This guy arranges parties for lonely strangers at his house.”

26. “A very special wardrobe in London.”

27. “This man invites everyone to look at Saturn.”

28. “A store worker let a homeless dog sleep in the window display because it was cold outside.”

29.” My daughter volunteering at our local shelter, helping feed the puppies. She was taken down and overpowered by adorableness.”

30. “Little Boy just wants to hug the police officer.”

little boy asked his mom if he could go hug the police officer