23 Super Funny ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Jokes That Took Me Over The TOP

We’re all still reeling from last night’s Game of Thrones season premiere and coming to terms that the show really is ending this year. Fortunately, do deal with your ice-cold depression, we’ve rounded up some of the best jokes from the premiere episode.


1. That awkward moment when Sam told Daenerys his last name

2. That scene when Jon learned a major truth bomb

3. That look on Jon’s face

4. That tense meeting with Sansa

5. That moment when the Mother of Dragons got frisky in front of her kids

6. That time in the library when Daenerys refused to apologize to Sam for crisping half his family

7. That energy the Stark kids are giving us this season

8. Those last few seconds of the episode

9. That look Bran gave Jaime

10. That heart-breaking realization that Jon has a new animal best friend


11. That scene where Daenerys got threatening with Sansa

12. That growth in Sansa’s character

13. Those scenes where Bran is just staring at everyone

14. Those bombs Sansa drops on this particular deck

15. That smug look on Bran’s face

16. The moment when Jaime sees Bran


17. That hot fire that Season 8 Sansa is spitting

18. Those stares that Bran is giving to everyone in the world

19. That meeting with all the stubborn northern lords

20. That time Sam was pretty okay learning his dad was gone, but then…

21. That throne room scene where Cersei showed her new obsession

22. That ‘oof’ feeling knowing the production team had to trim this season’s budget

23. That flight sequence that seemed a little familiar

h/t: Buzzfeed