19 People Share The Horrifying Pieces Of Information They Wish They’d Never Learned

You ever learn about something you desperately wish you never had? Reading through this AskReddit thread, which had user @RedHood635 asking the community, “What is the most disturbing piece of information you’ve found out about that you could have gone the rest of your life without knowing?” straight up traumatized me.

In fact, there were many responses I couldn’t even bear to add to this list, for fear of traumatizing you, as well. These include, but are not limited to, the Judas Cradle, how easy it is to get rabies and the results thereafter, and many stories and figures who have done terrible things to women in children.

Many of the facts included on this list are not personal and when they are, tend to be on the more humorous side (though not exclusively.) That being said, a TRIGGER WARNING still applies.

How do I delete a memory?

19. This absolutely insane dog fact:

Pugs are so messed up that their eyes sometimes pop out, and there’s a special type of spoon to put them back in.

18. This total mindf*ck:

Not really that graphically disturbing, but someone told me that the first 25 years of your life feel about as long as the last 75 years of your life.

I just turned 25 and every year goes by quicker than the last. It’s unnerving. .


Pretty much. I’m 69 and the days click off incredibly fast. Remembering something I did a year ago turns out it was three. It makes me think about mortality a lot. My advice: treasure every day because its a limited time offer.

17. Their namesake:

I was named after my great grandfather who was pretty well known in my hometown for having a mental breakdown and trying to publicly kill himself multiple times before succeeding.

16. A cat’s anatomy:

Cats literally have spikes on their dicks. So when they go to mate, it kinda hurts the female cat and they screech like pterodactyls

15. Their conception:

My dad told me the in-depth story about how I was conceived in the bedroom below deck on my uncle’s boat after they ran up on a sandbar following a shrimp fishing excursion.

He told me, as well as the rest of the family, this story as part of my uncle’s eulogy.

14. This miracle:

When I was 22 my dad poured two glasses of whiskey and told me to sit down.

Learned I wasn’t supposed to live past 18 due to medical issues I still deal with. There was a lucky leap in treatment methods when I was in middle school that put that particular illness into remission.

Made more sense why my parents started openly crying when I ran down the stairs instead of limping the morning after my first dose of the new meds.


Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. It has a number of seemingly unrelated complications including Pericarditis, which is the inflammation of the protective sac that surrounds the heart (the Pericardium).

Had many episodes as a kid that were ER hospitalizing and I had a general flare up every year and a half from the ages of 4-15, and every one had a solid chance of taking my life.

One christmas eve the family Cardiologist stayed with us overnight and did a checkup every hour so I wouldn’t be in the ICU on christmas.

13. The true manner of a parent’s death:

My dad killed himself when I was a kid by overdosing. I was told that he didn’t suffer and died in his sleep. I told my wife years later what he took (She’s an emergency nurse) and she informed me that it would have been a fairly long painful death, probably taking a few days for him to pass as his liver shut down. Thanks for the info wifey.

12. Or how they spend their time:

Found out my dad and his now wife are swingers and use my room for “guests”

Edit: I live out of town but do stay there on the odd occasion unfortunately the sheets do not get cleaned I have seen several stains and as a 24 year old I am almost positive what they are

11. …Or spent it:

When we were arranging my dad’s funeral his girlfriend took me aside to tell me something “away from the grownups” (I was 17). “I think you’ll like this”, she said, before proceeding to tell me that her and my dad used to have threesomes with another man.