Woman’s Viral Thread About Lyft Driver Who Harassed Her Will Make You Furious

Actor and comedian Anna Gillcrist posted a thread on Twitter about a scary Lyft driver who harassed her on the ride home from her friend’s bachelorette party. The thread went viral because so many have experienced something similar with Lyft or with Uber.

For women, traveling alone at night is scary and can be dangerous, whether it’s walking home alone or sitting in a car with someone you don’t know. In the case of a car service, you’re at the mercy of the driver, and it’s a really vulnerable position to be in.

In Gillcrist’s case, the Lyft driver did more than just make her uncomfortable byasking if she had a boyfriend. He continued to pester her about her boyfriend and then asked if he was home. He had the doors of the car locked and didn’t unlock them when Gillcrist asked him to.

Gillcrist contacted Lyft and complained, but they didn’t do much for her.

People on Twitter were angry with Lyft on Gillcrist’s behalf. Many also shared similar things that had happened to them in car services.

Lyft did eventually respond on Twitter, two days later.

A lot of people were not assuaged by Lyft’s response, though.

The turnaround time on their response was not impressive.

And a few people brought up the idea of having the option to choose a female driver.

Several female drivers commented that they don’t always feel safe driving at night and choose to work only daytime hours.

The whole situation is a mess. It really would be great if car service companies like Lyft and Uber could do more to ensure the safety of their passengers. Hopefully, changes will be coming soon.

h/t: Twitter: AnnaGillcrist