Woman Asks The Internet For Advice After Receiving The World’s Ugliest Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is a huge step in many people’s lives.
Many men and women look forward to the moment their significant other will “pop the question,” and prepare their life-long future together. But, what do you do when you receive a ring that you absolutely hate? Does it make you a terrible person if you hate your engagement ring and want to exchange it for a new one? Does that make you an awful fiancé? Well, one woman asked the Internet what she should do after she received what may possibly be the ugliest engagement ring we’ve ever seen (sorry, it’s true).

The woman shared her story on Reddit–saying that she was so excited to get engaged to her boyfriend of 5 years. Except, of course, one tiny little detail–she hates her ring. She shared that when they spoke about getting engaged, she had some “rules” for the ring–she didn’t want pink, blue, or diamonds. But, she also thought they would possibly look at rings together, or maybe he would ask her friends or family.


Instead, she got a ring that she absolutely hates. She claims it’s “huge and gaudy” and something an “old woman would wear.” She also said it’s shaped like a heart (not for nothing, I wouldn’t wear a heart ring every day for the rest of my life either). And, amber will scratch super easily.


She asked the Internet for some help in how to approach the conversation about getting a new ring. Obviously, she wants to get something she wants to wear proudly forever–not something she’s embarrassed to wear. And, obviously, she wants to have the discussion without hurting his feelings–as anyone would.


She then shared a photo of the ring–and, wow.

If you had gotten this ring–would you want to wear it? I get when people say it’s “rude” to tell your fiancé you hate your ring because the “diamond is too small” and whatnot, but this-this is something worth discussing. Twitter agreed.

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