19 Truly Wholesome Moments That Will Redeem Even The Crappiest Of Days

Everyone has those days. The days when it seems like no matter how hard you try, nothing will go right. There’s some universal force that is determined to ruin you for the next 24 hours and it feels like your only option is to wait for it to be over.

However, there are plenty of ways to get your mind out of a negative funk. Maybe reading about some truly wholesome moments, for example. It’s worth a try at least, which is why it’s our pleasure to offer you each and every one of the following doses of positivity that are sure to turn your day around.

1. Words of dad wisdom.

2. Perspective is everything.

3. You’re always singing with someone.

4. A pet’s existence.

5. How a bee sees you.


6. You could use a smile.

7. The purest kind of love.

8. Body positivity.

9. Time travel epiphany.

10. The best sound in the world.

11. You’re never really eating alone.

12. Even ghosts have your back.

13. The best kind of dreams.

14. It could be worse.

15. Dogs make everything better.

16. Lies of kindness.

17. The best feeling in the world.

18. You are my hun.

19. Deep breaths, you got this.


h/t BuzzFeed