34 Wholesome Coworker Stories That Will Warm Your Heart

The sweetest cubicle neighbors you’ll ever meet.

As adults, we spend a huge chunk of our lives at work, and let’s face it, our coworkers play a big part in that experience. Whether it’s sharing desk space or the communal office snacks, having awesome colleagues can make all the difference. Especially those who go out of their way to make everyone’s day a bit brighter, like leaving sweet thank-you notes or surprising us with homemade cookies.

If you’re one of those fantastic people, hats off to you! Your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed, and sometimes it even goes viral! We’ve compiled a list of heartwarming stories where coworkers truly went above and beyond for each other. These moments are a testament to the goodness that exists in every office.

1. World Needs People Like Ahmed

2. I Just Finished A Memorial Piece For My Coworker’s Cat. The Recipient Is An Avid Night Sky Photographer, So I Hope It Will Suit His Style Nicely

3. This Is The Sweetest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

4. A Head Of The Department At Purdue University Babysat The Son Of An Award Recipient During The Ceremony, So That The Rest Of The Family Could Watch The Event

5. I Had To Say My Final Goodbye To My Kitty Earlier This Week And Took A Last-Minute Day Off During A Really Busy Time. I Was Worried My Coworkers Would Be Annoyed That I Was Out

6. This Is Awesome

7. My Coworkers All Came Together And Gave Me The Money To Finally Change My Name Legally For My Birthday

8. What An Awesome Coworker

9. My Coworker Built A Feeding Station For His Local Chipmunks

10. Helping A Coworker With His Ties

11. Trash Pandas Found At Work

12. Yesterday The Owner Of My Company Noticed That My Shoes And Jeans Were Worn Out. Today He Took Me To Costco And Bought Me 2 New Pairs Of Shoes, 4 New Pairs Of Jeans, And Some Food

13. It Is Bring Your Cat To Work Day, And Our Coworker’s Cat Fell Asleep In The File Tray

14. This Is So Cute

15. Now That’s Really Wholesome

16. Yesterday Was The Last Day For My Favorite Coworker, With Whom I Shared A Love For The Movie “Office Space”. I Found This On My Desk This Morning. Happy Trails, My Friend.

17. In Light Of The Fires In Southern Oregon, My Work Has Set Up A Staging Area For Donations For Those Displaced By This Terrible Event. I Love The People I Work For.

18. My Coworker Brought Her Baby Goat To Work. She Fell Asleep In My Arms

19. She Is Lucky To Have Such Colleagues To Cheer Her Up

20. Went To Work Thinking We Were Having A Serious Meeting And Was Surprised By My Coworkers With Some Gifts For Our First Baby. 1600 Diapers.

21. My Coworker Knits Crotchet Animals To Hand Out To Kids

22. I’ve Been Anxious About Our Finances All Week. One Of My Coworkers Left This In My Office Today

23. A Fellow Coworker And I Burned A Checkerboard Into The Stump Of An Old Tree. We Played The First Game With Dandelion And Clover Flowers.

24. My Coworker Brought Her Day-Old Lamb Into Work

25. Coworker Passed His Citizenship Test

26. One Of My Coworkers Brought This Cute Little Motivator Into Work For Us

27. I’m An American Intern In Sydney. The Office Made Me This Spread Of Classic Australian Goodies.

28. This Is Adorable

29. My Coworker Made A Crochet Mushroom Guy, And Someone Tucked Him In

30. It’s A Hot Day In Omaha, And At My Job, We Mostly Work Outside, So The Supervisors Decided To Come Around And Give Us Employees Free Ice Cream To Keep Us Cool.

31. My Dad Dressed Up As Batman For A Coworker’s Kid Who Was Celebrating A Birthday (Sometime In The Early To Mid-1990s). I Think He Was Pretty Cool.

32. I Will Steal This Idea For My Own Parties

33. That’s Beautiful

34. My Boss At My Internship Was Told By A Coworker That I Like To Listen To Music But Don’t Have Headphones At The Moment, So He Gave Me A Headset.

Chris Wahl

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