People Are Sharing The Kindest Thing A Teacher Ever Did For Them

It’s no secret that teachers are some of the most undervalued and underappreciated professionals out there. They work tirelessly to educate future leaders and often don’t receive the credit they deserve. This is why one Twitter user asked the social media site to share the nicest thing a teacher has ever done for them and the responses might just inspire you to thank a teacher today.

1. This teacher provided a safe space.

2. This teacher offered protectionin a difficult time.

3. This teacher reinforced kindness.

4. A third-grade teacher helped her overcome social anxiety.

5. This teacher created a quiet space during a student’s panic attack.

6. This teacher’s support knew no bounds.

7. This teacher educated students about 9/11.

8. This girl’s teacher took her back-to-school shopping.

9. This HS teacher offered her former student a job.

10. This teacher wrote an inspiring poem for a student who got bullied.

11. This guy’s teacher helped him feel confident.

12. This art teacher helped a student graduate.

13. This teacher helped a student feel proud about his identity.

14. This teacher stepped in to help a struggling father.

15. And this teacher offered his student an outlet.

h/t BuzzFeed