19 Super Weird Rules People Actually Had To Follow While Growing Up

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6. This man’s bun privilege (but not man-bun privilege!).

My dad had diverticulosis (pockets in the intestine) and couldn’t eat sesame seeds (among other things). When we would eat fast food sandwiches, everyone had to give their bottom buns to Dad, in exchange for his top buns. So all my life I grew up eating burgers with 2 top, seeded buns.

This was never explained, and it was from before I born, so it was literally when I was in college that I realized that it wasn’t normal. I thought it was just Dad-Privilege TM to have 2 bottom buns.


7. This declaration that left no room for emergencies.

No pooping or peeing within the hours of 2:00 to 4:00


8. This household’s attempt to make food-grabbing a fair game.

At my friend’s house they had a “no pizza-balling” rule.

There were 3 teenage brothers and when they ordered pizzas (at least a couple larges), tempers flared quickly when people would try to grab as many slices as they could.

The first rule in place was that you couldn’t have more than one slice at a time, and you could grab another once you had the last bite in your mouth. But one of the brothers quickly figured it out that if you ball up a slice he could fit it in his mouth and grab another one. Hence, no pizza-balling.


9. This severe directive.

If you come home at night and the doors locked (even if I have a key ) find some where else to sleep.


10. This mom being a control freak about her child’s spending.

I could only buy things if I was buying them for a birthday or Christmas gift for somebody else. Mind you, this was my own money I earned from my job. My mom knew how long it took to get home from school, so if I stopped at the store, she knew and I’d be in trouble.