19 Super Weird Rules People Actually Had To Follow While Growing Up

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Growing up in your parents’ house basically means it’s their way or the highway. And for people with strict parents, that translated into a lot of rules. After Redditor alfred_the_whale asked “What’s the weirdest rule you had in your home growing up?” people shared all the strange things that their parents wanted them to do and not do during their childhoods. Here are some of the nuttiest. Aren’t you glad we’re all grown up?

1. This complete and total ban on seasoning.

Salt was for guests only. The actual use of spices was very very looked down on and seen as a huge insult to my mom and dad even though they were absolutely horrid cooks.


2. This smart way to end persistent questioning.

My dad made up a rule to stop my big brother from asking about getting a dog every ten seconds. We had neighbors on both sides who had dogs, so the rule was that only every other house could have a dog. My brother believed it for a looonnnngg time.


3. This mom’s ideas about leading someone on.

I couldn’t recline or lay my body down AT ALL if my boyfriend was over. My mom thought that me laying down would give them “thoughts” so I couldn’t do it. Once I put my feet up on the couch while my FIANCÉ was over and my mom got pissed and thought I was trying to turn him on.


4. This awful death that probably isn’t possible (but maybe we shouldn’t take any chances from here on out…).

My grandmother said not to shit during a lightning storm because a bolt of lightning might strike the pipe and electrocute me.


5. This mom’s sunny outlook on her child’s future.

I wasn’t allowed to put sugar in my tea because my mum told me that when you go to prison they don’t let you have sugar, so it will makes prison that much harder.

Thanks for having so much faith in me mum.

I’m pretty sure you are allowed sugar for your tea in prison.