People On Twitter Are Confessing Their Weirdest Eating Habits

If there’s one thing that people are all completely normal about and in total agreement on it is food. Haha, just kidding, everyone is all over the place when it comes to what they like to eat, what they hate, how they eat something, where they eat it, and so on.

So when video producer Simone de Rochefort (@doomquasar on Twitter) tweeted a question about people’s eating habits, the responses were as varying as you’d imagine. What you might not be ready for, though, is the strange combinations of food people enjoy. All I can say is, what the what?

De Rochefort claimed that she has to put her up before she eats (makes sense), cleans her fingers after each and every bite of Cheetos (OK) and also dislikes eating in the dark (huh?).

Although she corrected herself, mentioning that there have been times she’s let Cheeto dust build up on her fingers “like armor.”

Personally, I do this with Smartfood popcorn—I let myself develop a white, velvety glove of that delicious cheese powder (mmm).

The Cheetos issue was a contentious one. People responded that they’ve used chopsticks or tongs to eat Cheetos.

But one person responded that she likes just letting her fingers get gross and then licking them off. That’s what I’m talking about. Yes.

Beyond Cheetos (which is the name of my new album), people had a lot of opinions about the order in which they eat things.

And how food is arranged.

And just so many thoughts about what tastes good and how to eat it.




And one person confessed they were a “serial eater,” which definitely needed an explanation.

Well, people, to each their own. Go forth and love your food, no matter how weird and gross other people might find it!

h/t: Twitter: @doomquasar

Jessie Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.