Unhappy With Haircut, Woman Pulls Gun on Barber

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We’ve all been there. Usually after a trip to Fantastic Sam’s. Your regular barber was booked solid for the next week and you needed to get your trim on. Well, a San Diego woman finally decided to take haircut justice into her own hands when she returned to a salon with a gun and attempted to shoot the barber before she was tackled to the ground by other salon employees.
Barber Manny Montero told NBC 7 that the woman left the salon happy, giving him a $20 tip on top of her $20 cut, but an hour later, Swain returned upset — and with a different haircut.
“She said, ‘Look what you did to my hair,'” Montero said. “She came in with a bald spot on the side, and I am like, ‘I didn’t do that.'”
Super pissed, the woman pulled a gun and tried firing at Montero, police said. The gun was loaded but malfunctioned, clicking three times as Swain allegedly tried to fire off rounds.
“She had it. She was gonna do it,” said Montero. “For some reason, God was there.”