Trevor Noah Can’t Stop Laughing Over Mexico Stealing Parts Of Trump’s Border Wall

Trevor Noah called reports of concertina wire being stolen from the U.S.-Mexico border and sold to homeowners in Tijuana “my favorite story of the year…And possibly my favorite story in my entire life”

Noah couldn’t stop laughing at the news during Wednesday evening’s broadcast of The Daily Show.


“Oh, no. I’m sorry, guys, this is insane. You heard that right: Mexico is stealing the wall,” said the host, before adding: “Oh man, I wish I could have been there when Donald Trump saw this story on the news.”

“Knowing him he was probably like, ‘They did what? Nancy I’m going to need to you spot me another $8 billion,'” joked Noah, mimicking the president’s grating voice. “We’re going to need another wall to protect the first one.”

“And I mean, if they’re stealing razor wire for their houses, they might as well steal the whole wall next, right? No one ever thought of that. America will build a wall. No one ever thought Mexico would steal it.”

The Daily Show host then imagined what the thieves are saying about the thefts: “Mexicans will be showing off their home security system: ‘I builta wall around my house, and Donald Trump paid for it.'”

Twitter fans laughed a the “Looney Tunes” situation just as hard as Noah did.


If Mexicans stealing Trump’s border wall to build their own walls isn’t proof of the total futility of said wall, I don’t know what is.

h/t Twitter