Tomi Lahren Gets Brutally Owned By Hero Posing As Fan

Conservative commentator and blond hellspawn Tomi Lahren is no stranger to getting roasted, but it still feels so great (for us, her haters) every time it happens. Lahren gets mocked on Twitter on the reg, and she’s had water thrown on her in person, so she’s probably pretty used to being hated. But that doesn’t diminish the deed of this hero who posed as a fan of hers and then asked her how it feels to be a racist piece of sh*t.

Someone on Twitter called Top Rope Travis (whose bio says he’s husband, father, and veteran into wrestling and politics) posted a video of a man pretending to take a selfie with Lahren, but instead recording her reaction as he asks her it feels to be a racist piece of sh*t.

Twitter drank this up with a straw. Plenty of people would have taken up the offer to buy him a beer, or more.

The video went totally viral, with people adding their own two cents.

Thank you, unidentified hero—you are doing God’s work.