This Girl Invited Her Ex-Boyfriend To Her Wedding And His RSVP Takes Petty To A Whole New Level

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When you think of your wedding guest list, you don’t always think you’re going to invite your ex-boyfriend to the “most important day of your life,” where you marry another man.

But, Hayley Stamper had some other ideas. She and her fiancé, Austin, are getting married this summer. The two have been together for years and “can’t wait for their special day.”


Stamper decided to invite her ex-boyfriend, who she dated for two years in high school when they were only 15-years-old. She told BuzzFeed that the two are still “really close.” When the couple invited Thomas Hoefener, Stamper’s ex, they knew he had something up his sleeve.

“I knew he was going to say something like that. I knew he was going to do something witty the second we invited him.”

When they got back his RSVP, they were both in tears from laughter.


People on Twitter would not stop asking why someone would invite their ex to their wedding. Stamper explained that Hoefener and her fiancé were on the same football team and were actually good friends–which is why he was invited to their wedding. The two dated when they were so young, that Stamper said she didn’t think twice about inviting him.

But, Twitter has been in an uproar since seeing the savage RSVP.