17 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Dogless Dog Lover

Many of us, from birth, are dog people. From the moment we can say the word “puppy,” we are chasing down every four-legged furry friend we see, no matter where we are. But, not all of us are fortunate enough to have a dog.
Whether it’s because of a family with allergies, an apartment with a “no pet” policy, or simply the insufficient funds to support a pup–we’re sadly left dogless. However, that does not interfere with our undying love for dogs.

17. You squeal at every single dog who walks by you on the street.

16. You want to pet every single dog you see and ask the owner every single time.

15. You’re everyone’s go-to dog sitter because you get way too excited to puppy-sit.

14. You follow more dog pages on social media than actual people.

13. Your photos on your camera are 95% adorable puppies and their adorable faces.

12. You look at adoption sites on the regular, even though you can’t get one for yourself.

11. You even know what you’d name your dream-dog.

10. You go to the dog park just to watch (and sometimes play).

9. You always want to go to your friends’ apartments who do have dogs.

8. And when you get there, you ignore your friends for their pup.

Lex Gabrielle

A mom of two who loves to spend her free time writing about life, love, and all the little moments in between.

I have a bachelor’s degree in media studies and journalism and two master’s degrees in education. When I’m not writing and chasing my two kids around, I teach journalism full-time.