26 People Who Realized, ‘Oh No. I’m Dating An Idiot’

People look past a lot of things for love.

Maybe your girlfriend doesn’t have a college degree, but she’s got the street smarts to back up her intellectually and philosophically stimulating conversations.

Or Maybe bae is a terrible cook and can’t even make microwave mac and cheese, but he’s the sweetest, most genuine guy out there. But sometimes, when you’re months, years, or even decades into a relationship, things can happen that make you realize that you’re dating a complete and utter idiot.

Sure, being smart isn’t everything, but when you’re staring at your lover while he’s eating a bowl of “Christmas cookies” that are actually dog treats, you have to wonder — how did he get this far in life without me? Has he just been skipping along, thinking that this is how normal cookies taste? What a disgrace to Oreos. When you have a child, you always hope that when they try putting dirt in their mouth on the playground, they’ll end up hating it — but that’s not always the case. Okay, so real talk — I once stuck my tongue out and licked the side of a Walmart while my mom pushed me along in a shopping cart when I was three and I didn’t hate it. Yikes.

So I guess it all comes down to — does my significant other have other qualities to make up for their stupidity and idiotic tendencies? Will I have to keep explaining simple things like how the moon and sun ARE NOT the same things for the rest of my life? Fudge, I don’t know if I could.

But hey, that’s something you’re going to have to wrestle with. Just make sure the dog treats are clearly labeled in the kitchen, or else the boyfriend might keep eating them.

These people found out they were dating complete idiots and it’s pretty hilarious:

1. When your boyfriend’s trying to be cute, and you don’t have the heart to tell him:


2. “My boyfriend didn’t want to lose the keys to his lock.”

3. Somebody needed to pay a little bit more attention in… literally any grade/life event/television show/the world in general.

4. “I told my boyfriend that I wasn’t feeling well and asked him to buy a thermometer on his way home from work.”

To be fair, we are all just a bunch of meat sacks walking around.

5. “My girlfriend just asked what the “NO” on this switch meant.”

6. I asked my wife to bring my basement shoes to me. She said, ‘The Opaads?’”

7. “This is how my wife decided to unpack her new cable.”


8. Must be really hard for her to read a map.

9. “My husband asked my gynecologist if he was a Texas Longhorn.”

10. And that, folks, is why we need comprehensive sex education in schools.

11. Somebody failed life. Sorry, bro.

12. I don’t even want to think about what it would be like to play charades with her.

13. “I asked my 6’2″ husband to hang a mirror for me.”

14. I don’t think the government is there… yet.

15. “Caught my girlfriend eating these ‘Christmas cookies.’ They’re dog treats.”

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16. Sexism = stupidity.

17. Albeit cool, that would be freaky as sh*t.

18. Every time bae cuts an avocado like this, a millennial dies.

19. “My husband thought he could microwave his shirt to make it dry faster.”

20. 21st century problems.

21. “My girlfriend and I are having a contest to see who’s the best cook. I walked in on her trying to cook a steak. I think I might win this one.”

22. “I took my girlfriend flyfishing.”

23. A green thumb in the making. Maybe.

24. “Girlfriend asked if I was doing drugs.”

25. Keeping cheese fresh for bae, one slice at a time.

26. “My husband tried to bake cookies on a cooling rack.”