The 25 Greatest Photos Ever Taken According To Google (GALLERY)

Google knows, man… Google freaking knows. There is absolutely no doubt that these are the greatest photos ever taken… according to Google.

Marilyn Monroe’s Funhouse
greatest photo ever taken marilyn monroe
DJ Jazzy Jordan & The Fresh Kid ‘N Play Prince
greatest celebrity photos ever taken
The Roof, The Roof… The Roof Is On Fire 
greatest photo ever
The Father Of The Mother Of All Wave Photos
greatest wave photo ever
Yoshinoya Flood Girl
yoshinoya flood girl
Easy Turbin Rider
the greatest photo ever taken
What’chu Talkin’ Bout Hasselhoff
coleman hasselhoff
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
greatest girl photo ever
 Helmet… You’re Doing It Wrong
greatest fail photo ever
When Lightning Meets Fireworks
greatest lightning photo ever taken
Zack Duckifianakis
zack galifianakis duck photo
Epic Raquetball Intimidation
the greatest photos ever taken
Have A Sh*t Day 
greatest animal photo ever taken
Santa T. Meets Nancy Reagan
greatest celebrity photo ever taken
Lana Turner Turns Up The Heat
greatest photo ever taken lana turner
Mt. Russell’s Epic Cloud 
greatest photo ever taken google
Beverly Hills Psycho Dog
greatest dog photo ever taken
Puff The Magic Bus
greatest nature photo ever taken
The Ultimate Epic Dude Photo
photo greatest ever taken
The Motorcycle Lion King
greatest sports photo ever taken
The Dubai Skyline = Cloud City
dubai city skyline

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