25 Text Messages From Men Who Deserve To Be Banned From Texting Forever And Ever

Guys – don’t argue. Just apologize. Do it. Find the nearest woman (that you know, don’t be weird about it) and let them know that you are so sorry for the sh*t that they have to deal with from all the entitled testosterone-tubes who can’t manage to think of them as people so much as walking breasts.

Cause if these 25 text exchanges are any indication, we have NO idea how bad it is out there for single women (or women in relationships who are approached by d*ckheads who don’t care they’re in relationships). So just tell them you’re sorry, and that you’ll be better. Ok? Good.

25. This list of choices:

24. This need for clarity:

23. This clusterf*ck:

22. This mistext:

21. This dog-owner:

20. This persistence:

19. This eye-stabbingly horrible come on:

18. This poem:

17. This guy who does knot get it:

16. This stranger: