Teens Are Apparently ‘Boiling Tampons’ To Get High

Over the years, kids have come up with insane and out-there ways to get a buzz on. When I was younger, people used to play “the breathing game” to pass out for a few seconds because it “made them feel high.” Why people didn’t just get high—I’m not sure. Today, kids are willing to do anything that the Internet tells them to—like, eating Tide Pods. Now, kids are apparently using tampons to get stoned and I really can’t handle anything more.

Police around Indonesia have been investigating and arresting teenagers who were caught using tampons and pads to get stoned.

According to the report, the tampons and pads from the trash can—AKA, other people’s blood—and boiling them, then drinking the boiled water to get stoned. And, before you ask any further question—it’s not the blood that’s getting them high, it’s the chemicals inside of the tampons and pads that secrete something into the water.

Some teens even say that they drink it multiple times a day, reporting that they feel like they’re “flying” and “hallucinating.”

The Food and Drug Administration is not required to disclose to customers what goes into the sanitary products. Most of the chemicals inside prevent odor and leakage when women are menstruating. But, it’s important that people understand that these chemicals can lead to complications—as any do.

But, Indonesia’s laws are extremely strict when it comes to drugs. And, for this reason, many teens have no choice but to find “other ways” to get high. However, this does not mean they will not face harsh consequences like they would if they were to be caught with actual drugs. The Senior Commander Suprinatro head of the BNN in Central Java, Indonesia. said:

“The materials they’re using are legal, but they’re not being used in a way that’s intended, so it ends up being used like a drug.”

Like with any “popular fad,” no matter where you live, it’s important that you consider your health and safety before you put anything into your mouth and/or body. Don’t try every Internet fad! Save yourself, kids.

Lex Gabrielle

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