A Student Discovered What Caused The Hole In Her Ceiling And It Involves Hot Dogs

If you’re living in a place where other people have lived before, you’ll likely note all the dents and dings that make homey. Or, if you’re living in a place where college students have lived before, you’ll notice that the building is lucky to still be standing. No one will trash a place faster than young people living away from home for the first time. That’s okay, because the next resident will probably be in college, too, and they’ll appreciate the mess.

West Virginia University student Erin White discovered a few things in her residence that made her wonder what exactly had gone down in previous semesters. Specifically, there was a mysterious and intriguing hole in the ceiling. She tweeted that she finally got her curiosity satisfied when the two guys who had formerly rented the place showed up.

So, what made the hole? Hot dogs. Of course.

Basically, the guys had hung hot dogs from string instead of mistletoe. Nothing is more romantic around Christmas time than kissing under some swinging sausages. White provided video, just in case you want to imagine yourself there:

The whole story is proof to many of what they already know: don’t trust young men in your home.

A good warning White received was that she should probably not ask anymore questions:

If the hole in the ceiling was caused by hot dogs, you don’t even want to know about the missing tile in the bathroom, the kicked in door, or the loose hair in the vents. Just let it go!

There’s one thing no one will let go, though. This joke from Tom Green’s iconic film Freddy Got Fingered. A cult favorite that will never die has found new life in this story:

What if the former renters weren’t college students at all? Instead, let’s imagine them as elderly shut-ins who taught Tom Green everything he knows about comedy. The whole picture starts to make a whole lot more sense.