Serena Williams Calls Out Sexism In Tennis After Umpire Accuses Her Of Cheating

Serena Williams had a heated Saturday night at the U.S. Open Final against Naomi Osaka. Though Williams took a tough loss to the first female Japanese champion, the spotlight was on Williams for an altercation with the umpire.
The umpire, Carlos Ramos, gave Williams a series of code violations during the second set–which included cheating and penalties. Ramos claimed she had gotten coaching from her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, via hand signals during the match.

Additionally, Ramos gave Williams a point violation for smashing her racket, which was followed up by a verbal abuse penalty after her confrontation with Ramos himself.

Williams was not going to let the notion that she had cheated go–she confronted Ramos and said he owed her an apology, stating she would rather lose than cheat.

During her press conference, Williams spoke about sexism in tennis and how she is going to continue to fight for equality in the sport.

Of course, this is not the first incident of sexism in tennis, as just this year Williams was called out for her “catsuit” she was going to wear. Additionally, Alize Cornet received a code violation for simply fixing her shirt and bearing some skin.

Twitter, however, was mixed in their feelings about what occurred on Saturday. Some believed that Williams was absolutely right in her argument and that there is vast sexism in tennis and other sports.

Others disagreed, and believed it was blown out of proportion.