School Responds After Student Is Found On Social Media Wearing Blackface To Troll Another Student

A photo of a student from Fishers High School has gone viral online for a disturbing reason. Taylor Carpenter, a student at Fishers High School, has made waves online after photos of her in blackface have been discovered. According to the social media posts, Carpenter had gotten into some drama with another student at the school, who is black, and posted the photos on social media making fun of the girl’s daughter.
The posts of Carpenter, which have been shared thousands of times on Facebook read:

This is Taylor Carpenter.
She is a student at Fishers High School.
Taylor got into a dispute with a black girl named Destini and decided to make fun of Destini’s 1 month old baby by calling her a monkey and doing black face. Facebook, do your thing.


Facebook users have left comments filled with rage and disgust, and many have searched high and low on social media, messaging her parents, organizations she belongs to, and complaining to her school. One user, who apparently goes to the same high school as Carpenter, said they are not surprised by these photos–as Carpenter has been known to be racist.

It turns out that Carpenter had some explaining to do–and she took to her own (private) social media to do so. Someone reposted it in the photo thread that has been shared over 11,000 times.

However, other students claim that Carpenter is lying through her teeth, and she has done this kind of racist bullying in the past. Since the post has gone viral online and numerous people have complained to the school and district, the school issued a response to the controversy on their Facebook page saying:

We are aware of the recent social media activities involving students. At this time, we do not know all of the facts of this incident, but we take all reports of harassment and discrimination very seriously. We do not condone such behavior by any member of our school community. The use of racially-offensive language or behavior in our schools by anyone does not reflect our values as a district and will not be tolerated.

However, parents were not satisfied with this response and called for the student’s expulsion.

When will kids learn that what goes on social media, stays on social media? 

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