School Official’s Racist Rant Caught On Video At Grocery Store

A woman’s racist tirade Friday night at a ShopRite in East Haven, CT, was caught on video and shared in a tweet that soon went viral. The woman can be seen cursing at an African-American person, using the n-word and spitting on the floor and at the person. She also threatened to call the cops, but it’s not clear what the person was guilty of. Not being white?

The woman in the video has reportedly resigned from her job with Hamden Public Schools, where she was a clerical worker at the central offices of the school district. She apparently left right after the Hamden Board of Education began looking into the incident. Not 24 hours after it all went down, Hamden Public Schools put out a statement letting everyone know that the woman in the video no longer worked for the district.

The Mayor of Hamden, Curt Balzano Leng, told News 8 that he was “really proud” of the superintendent and the Board of Education. “They took this matter with the utmost level of seriousness. They took immediate action this morning.”

Mayor Leng confirmed to News 8 that the woman didn’t work with children. But she was with her children when she had her racist meltdown, and as a result, someone called the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

A statement from Hamden Public Schools read, in part, “Someone who will use that sort of language in any setting, whether public or private, is not someone we want anywhere near our children. The employee is separated from service, and we hope that her children will receive the support they need after witnessing such a traumatic event.”

News 8 didn’t reveal the woman’s name because, as of yet, no charges have been filed against her. However, a tweet from VA Senate candidate Qasim Rashid identified her as Corinne Terrone.

There’s no point in transcribing the video, because seriously, all the woman does is curse and say the N-word and spit. It’s horrible.

What is clear from the video is that her kids are terrified.

News 8 spoke to some people from the town of East Haven, including Quran Powell, an African-American resident, who said, “It’s very disheartening. Not everybody in East Haven is like that, so a lot of people shouldn’t be discouraged about coming to East Haven because it’s not a bad town. It’s a pretty good town.”

News 8 also asked Mayor Leng how his town plans to go forward from the incident. He said, “I think the action—the decisive action that was taken—very clearly shows that this type of repulsive behavior is not acceptable here andit won’t be tolerated.”

h/t:News 8, @MuslimIQ