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20 Scammers Who Tried To Rip People Off But Ended Up Getting Messed With

I don’t usually have the time it takes to adequately f with scammers, but my hat tips to all who do! There is just something about making that a-hole on the other side of the screen squirm and dance while you puppet master insane replies.

Let’s check out some of the best of the best, shall we?

1. Warranty!

Twitter: @OtekahSunshield

2. No link

3. Where is… Earth?

4. A nice try

5. Greet first

6. A gorgeous lady

7. Nice try

8. How are you?

9. Oh my.

10. Hit man.

Twitter: @The_Scooter_Boy

11. Do we know each other?

12. Yikes!

13. Short n sweet

14. That’s not how this works

15. Nice try.

16. No queen

17. The lack of effort

18. Wrong number

19. Emma^2

20. POS