‘Salt Bae’ Speaks And People Are A Little Weirded Out By His Voice

Never have I ever considered for a second what Salt Bae, Instagram’s favorite spicer, sounds like. I don’t even think I’d recognize him on the street unless he was going around salting things and even then I’d probably think it was a weird impersonator. But not I know what Nusret Gökçe sounds like and I can’t un-know it.

Our Salt Bae posted a video on Instagram talking about London, saying, “Hold on, hold on. I wanna say something about London…London is my big dream. Some day, next day, every day. All the time. I love London. London is different.”

He’s talking about London because it’s where he most recently opened a restaurant, one of 28. Viral fame has really helped Salt Bae expand, and he is moving to Saudi Arabia to oversee the opening of number 28.

But he’ll miss London, because he says, “My English almost like a British….You know’… ‘cheers’…Hope to see you soon London.”

Salt Bae announced his departure from his restaurant Nusr-Et in Knightsbridge, writing, “Sunday is my last day in London. I will go to Riyadh to open my 28th restaurant. Sunday is my last day in Lovely London. I want to see you beautiful people before I go.”

Salt Bae’s entire life journey is almost as unexpected as his voice, honestly, and gives hope to all of us who dream of going viral for a good reason, for once.