Runaway ‘Unicorn’ Leads California Highway Patrol on Hours-Long Chase

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The first known case of “pony shaming” in 2016 has occurred as the California Highway Patrol was forced to chase a runaway unicorn for more than three hours.

Sandra Boos, a professional photographer, was doing a photo shoot with her unicorn Juliet, near the Madera Ranchos, California, ranch where the totally real unicorn is boarded when the pony got loose and ran away. The unicorn was wearing, as she often does for photo shoots and birthday parties, a pink halter with a gold unicorn horn attached.

Boos says what stopped her in her tracks was the reaction of some bystanders.

“I heard crazy things like, ‘They are real!’ and ‘I didn’t know unicorns were real,’” Boos, of Fresno, California, told ABC News. “I would just stop running and say, ‘They’re not.’”

In our opinion Sandra needs to shut her damn mouth because this finally proves that unicorns are real and your mom is totally into me too and hates your stupid dad.