Proud Misogynist Gets Burned At The Stake For Claiming Tattooed Women Are Satanic

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the misogynist pig named Roosh V trolling people on the internet again.

You may remember Roosh, whose real name is Daryush Valizadeh, from some of his past flaming trash takes about women and “neomasculinity.” The notorious “men’s rights activist” believes that women are naturally inferior to men and exist only to serve them, and he also wants to legalize rape, with the stipulation that it not be done in public.

He’s so homophobic that he thinks liking a woman’s butt makes a man gay, which makes absolutely no sense, but clearly making sense has clearly never been a concern of his. And he’s also claimed that women “can’t help but display their sexuality,” which he somehow thought was A) true (what??) and B) an argument for keeping women home in the kitchen.

Now Roosh has tweeted more utter nonsense, this time about women and tattoos. Oh, boy.

He wrote, “When a female gets a tattoo, she is giving a permanent oath of fealty to the oligarchs and their hired managers. Her mind is controlled by their Satanic inversions, her body destined to be used and abused in exchange for pleasure and power. Her tattoo is the mark ofthe beast.”

I’m pretty heavily tattooed, and not only do I find this offensive, I also find it disappointing. Power? Where’s my power, dammit?

He is just unbelievable. He’s honestly so purely awful. People replied to him on Twitter, pointing out what an idiotic piece of human garbage he is.

One woman joked that it was true. Ah, if only.

And, understandably, people had questions.

But don’t expect answers from Roosh. Just more trash. Endless, spewing sewage.