All In Favor Of Revoking These People’s Restaurant Privileges, Say “Aye” (25 Pics)

Some people seriously need to have their restaurant privileges revoked.

If you’ve worked in the restaurant industry before (and so many people have), you’ll agree that it’s entertaining, financially beneficial, enjoyable, and you can even sneak a few mouthfuls of free fries here and there.

But, with all that greatness comes the occasional horrible customer (or even customers) who should seriously be banned from ever be allowed to enter another restaurant. You’ll be voting “aye” on all of these, and you might even toss in a few “ews”

From bad tips to bare feet, diapers being left on the table, and everything in between, here are 25 examples of restaurant clients who should have their restaurant-going privileges revoked.

1. “Math is hard”

2. “I can’t believe people can be this stupid. Found this on Twitter and thought it would fit here”

3. “Left on my co-worker’s table”

4. “Latina waitress received racist note instead of tip”

5. “This was posted in a restaurant group”


6. “A group of kids filled it up and the parents shouted at customers attempting to complain”

7. “Decades of ‘the customer is always right’ has created the most entitled idiots in human history”

8. “A feeble attempt to get out of tipping.”

9. “My cousin just posted this on Facebook. She is a waitress at Outback and this was left behind”

10. “My aunt and her friend took me to dinner. These 10 lovely people sat next to us, and didn’t even leave a tip!”

11. “The ‘tip’ my friend got”

12. “Seen on a Facebook post on how people should tip their servers 20%”

13. “You can just picture the trashiness from this customer”

14. “Wouldn’t let him underage drink so he didn’t tip…”

15. “What my coworker was given tonight”

16. “My friend waited on two underage kids who tried to order drinks. Stiffing servers has always made someone a bad person, but during a pandemic when benefits have run out and restaurant employees are struggling more than they already did? Despicable”

17. “Please don’t leave fake tips I’m trying to go to college

18. “Worst tip ever”

19. “This family let their kid crawl all over the restaurant floor, nearly tripping several servers”

20. “Displaying your bare feet in a restaurant”

21. “Smoking in a non-smoking restaurant because you do what you have to”

22. “Stop tipping and these folks will land better jobs”

23. “My sister got this while waiting tables”

24. “At least he used the proper form of ‘you’re”

25. “Why I have not tipped!”